Chandana Mohanty

Assistant Professor

Dr. (Mrs.) Chandana Mohanty has 5 years of post graduate teaching experience in Biotechnology and Life Science and more than 8 years of post-Ph.D. extensive research experience. Her areas of research interests are Nano medicinal approach for cancer therapy and Tissue engineering. Dr. Mohanty completed her Ph.D. in Zoology from Berhampur University, Odisha and for her outstanding academic performance in MSc degree in Zoology, She got Dr.P.k. Baliarsingh best Student Award. She got Best teacher award in fish biotechnology vicinity at Fishery science department Utkal University for contribution as a teacher and student project activities accelerator. She has availed post doctoral research fellowship from DST, consequently awarded Fast Track Young Scientist Award (Early Career Research Award) by Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB)-DST, New Delhi and Women’s Scientist Research Grant by DST-Government of India in the field of Life Sciences. She has been successfully completed two research projects as principal investigator, funded by DST, SERB and one sanctioned from UGC (FRPS). She received two international travel grant to present her research work at Magaliesburg, South Africa and Qubec city Canada. She is also a member of selected professional bodies and serves as editorial board member and reviewer for reputed journals. She has published 22 research papers in journals of international repute with couple of patents to her credit (one technology transfer for commercialization)

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Research Interests
Cell biology, Genetics and Nanotechnology

"1. Project title: Polymeric curcumin sponge: anapproach of curcumin delivery for streptozetocine induced diabetic rat for dermal wound healing, DST SERB (completed). 2. Project title: Nanomedicinal triple therapy with gemcitabine, hedgehog inhibitor and immune- stimulant: A therapeutic boon for pancreatic cancer, DST WOSA (completed). 3. Project title: A comparative study of various topical formulations of curcumin towards diabetic wound healing in a rat model UGC(FRPS) (Approved in year 2019)."

Administrative Responsibility
Course coordinator (Biology)

Awards & Honours
1. DST SERB Fast track scientist ( 2012). 2. DST WOS A (2015). 3. UGC (FRPS) (2019). 3. Technology transfer and commercialisation of patent US 9271934 B2. 4. International travel grant from CSIR South Africa (2011.) 5. International travel grant from DST India (2012).

Controlled Release Society (CRS), Microbiology society India

Outreach Activity
Controlled Release Society (CRS), Microbiology society India, Biological science
Journals/Conferences :
1. Mohanty, C & Pradhan J . (2020). A human epidermal growth factor-curcumin bandage bioconjugate loaded with mesenchymal stem cell for in vivo diabetic wound healing. Mater Sci Eng C Mater Biol Appl. 2(14) 111 (Impact factor: 5.08).
2. Pradhan J, Mohanty C, Sahoo SK. (2019) Protective efficacy of crocetin and its nanoformulation against cyclosporine A-mediated toxicity in human embryonic kidney cells. Life Sci., 3(5) 39 (Impact factor: 3.5).
3. Mohanty, C (2017) Improvement of Cancer Therapy by Nanotechnology. Virology & Immunology Journal. 1 (3 )15 (Impact factor: 1.7).
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16. Behera T, Nanda PK, Mohanty C, Sahoo SK.(2012) Parenteral immunization of fish, Labeo rohita with Poly D, L-lactide-co-glycolic acid (PLGA) encapsulated antigen microparticles promotes innate and adaptive immune responses. Fish and Shellfish Immunology., Fish and Shellfish Immunology. 4(28) 42 (Impact factor: 3.8).
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20. Mohanty C, Verma G P (2000) Electron microscopic studies on the development of zonaradiata (chorion) in a teleost Oreochromis mossambica., Cytobios. 8(9)74 (Impact factor: 3.35).
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22. Mohanty C, Verma G P (1999) Mitochondriogenesis in young oocyte Oreochromis mossambica (peters). National Academy of Science Letter's 3(2) 74, (Impact factor: 0.24).

Books :
National and International Patents:

1. Chandana Mohanty and Sahoo SK: A novel water soluble curcumin loaded nanoparticulate system for cancer therapy. Indian Patent Application No 164/KOL/2010 of 22/2/2010, US patent no. US 9271934 B2, European patent No. EP2432460A1, EP2432460A4, EP2432460B1.
2. Chandana Mohanty and Sahoo SK: A process for preparing curcumin encapsulated chitosan-Alginate sponge useful for wound healing. Indian Patent Application No 1189/KOL/2010 of 27/10/2010, US patent no. 20130171215A1 International PCT Application No. PCT/IN2010/000813 Dt.14.1.2011, Australian patent No. AU2010363250, European patent No. EP2632447B1, EP2632447A1.
3. Chandana Mohanty Parhi P and Sahoo SK: Drug delivery formulation of rapamycin in the form of polymeric nanoparticles. Indian Patent Application No-38/KOL/2011.
4. Chandana Mohanty and Sahoo SK: A Process of producing Amphotericine B loaded GMO nanoparticle. Indian Patent Application No 914/KOL/2011 of 06-07-2011.