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Important Features

  • 24×7 Library Services
  • Fully Automated Library Operation
  • Web based 24×7 Digital Library Services
  • Library Web Portal
  • Access to leading publishers’ journals and databases
  • Access to 1,27,000+ e-books
  • Access to 3.7 million e-thesis and dissertations
  • Facilities for Circulation of books to the users from a total collection of  7786 books available in the school library
  • Browsing and reprographic facilities of Print Journals to the users
  • Facilitates access and use of 18 no of  magazines to the users
  • Facilitates access and use of  5 no of  National and Regional Newspapers covering English, Hindi and Odia Languages
  • Orientation Programs
  • Current Awareness Services
  • Selective Dissemination of Information
  • Literature Search Support
  • Plagiarism Check

Library portal Services

  • Provides access to the full texts of all e-journals subscribed by the university
  • Facilitates access to all e-books subscribed by the university
  • Provides access to all e-theses subscribed by the university
  • Guides the users to browse and access to various open access journals/dissertations & theses/databases/institutional repositories
  • Offers links to patent databases
  • Offers links to millions of open courseware
  • Offers links to various news channels
  • Offers links to various news papers (regional/national/international)
  • Provides information about research funding agencies like CSIR/DBT/DST/ICMR/
  • Provides updated information about fellowship/scholarships/admission

Information on Physical Resources (Statistical Information)

Books: Library Catalogue search(https:\/\/ksas.kiit.ac.in//ksas.kiit.ac.in// )

Print Journals (https:\/\/ksas.kiit.ac.in//ksas.kiit.ac.in//www.kiit.ac.in/centrallibrary/printjournals/printjournals.html)

Magazines (https:\/\/ksas.kiit.ac.in//ksas.kiit.ac.in//www.kiit.ac.in/centrallibrary/printjournals/magazin.html)


Information on E-resources

D1: E-Journals

KIIT  Library provides e-journals and databases of leading publishers to its users. Some important publications that cater to the academic/research needs of School of Applied Sciences  are as under:

  • EBSCO Biotechnology Collection :  India
  • EBSCO Chemical Engineering Collection : India
  • EBSCO Engineering Collection : India
  • EBSCO Nanotechnology Collection : India
  • Proquest Central : Basic Sciences
  • Science Direct : Physical Sciences & Engineering
  • Science Direct : Life Sciences
  • Science Direct : Environmental Sciences

D2:  E-Books

The university library collections are enriched with 1, 21,000+e-books on multi disciplinary subjects which can be made available through  https:\/\/ksas.kiit.ac.in//ksas.kiit.ac.in//www.kiit.ac.in/centrallibrary/e-resources/ebrary.html. 

D3:     E-Dissertaions & Theses

University library provides access to 3.5 million e- dissertations and theses from 1700 leading academic institutions of the world available through PROQUEST (https:\/\/ksas.kiit.ac.in//ksas.kiit.ac.in//search.proquest.com/pqdtglobal/dissertations/fromDatabasesLayer?accountid=151027)

D4:    Institutional Repository

Institutional repository of KIIT University provides open access to research output of the University in the forms of conference papers, book chapters, articles and back years’ question papers available at  https:\/\/ksas.kiit.ac.in//ksas.kiit.ac.in//