School of Applied Sciences is passionate about putting its’ expertise and research to work in order to serve the public good and make a positive impact around.  The team encourages lifelong learning by reaching out locally, nationally, and internationally with programs that broadly benefit the public, rural and urban communities, and industry.  Presently, the School’s outreach and extension efforts comprises of the following programs:

  • Science learning camps at rural high schools in Nischintakoili block, Odisha. ‘Passionate about Science’ Lecture series conducted at Kendriya Vidyalaya 6, Bhubaneswar.
  • Innovation studies with self organized, peer learning & role of technology with high schools of four gram panchayats in Nischintakoili block, Odisha through a Smart Village Living Lab accredited by European Network of Living Labs (EnoLL), first in India.
  • Students are connected in the above studies through IEEE Special Interest Group in Humanitarian Technology (KIIT SIGHT).


  • Nano Science Laboratory
  • Nanosensor Laboratory
  • Laser and Photonics Research Laboratory
  • Electro Ceramics Laboratory
  • Theoretical Computational Laboratory
  • Advanced Chemical Research Laboratory
  • Water Analysis Laboratory
  • Organic Synthesis Laboratory
  • Polymer Synthesis Laboratory
  • Polymer Processing Laboratory
  • UG Physics lab-(I – V)
  • UG Chemistry lab-(I-III)


Sl.No. Particulars Make Location
01 High Energy Ball Milling Retsch-PM 400 A-112 (Campus-3, Block-A)
02 Furnace Lenten A-112 (Campus-3, Block-A)
03 Weighing Balance Sartorius A-112 (Campus-3, Block-A)
04 KBr Press Techno search A-112 (Campus-3, Block-A)
05 Hi-Tester LCR Meter HIOKI A-111 (Campus-3, Block-A)
06 Microwave Furnance Synotherm A-112 (Campus-3, Block-A)
07 Vacuum Oven Harrison A-112 (Campus-3, Block-A)
08 Magnetic Tarson A-112 (Campus-3, Block-A)
09 Work station 2xIntial Xerox & core 128 GBRAM Super micro Back side of Dry cleaner, Old Physics lab (Campus-3)
10 Work station 2xIntial Xerox & core 96 4TB HRD Super micro Back side of Dry cleaner, Old Physics lab (Campus-3)
11 3 KVA power backup APC Back side of Dry cleaner, Old Physics lab (Campus-3)
12 All in one Printer HP LaserJet HP Back side of Dry cleaner, Old Physics lab (Campus-3)
13 HP Pavilion Laptop HP, P3c91PA Back side of Dry cleaner, Old Physics lab (Campus-3)
14 Gaussion-09 soft for computation Gaussian inc Back side of Dry cleaner, Old Physics lab (Campus-3)
15 Furnace Lenten A-109 (Campus-3, Block-A)
16 Cartridge Shimad2u Shimad2u A-109 (Campus-3, Block-A)
17 Magnetic Stirrer Shimad2u A-109 (Campus-3, Block-A)
18 Weighty Balance Shimad2u A-109 (Campus-3, Block-A)
19 Centrifuge Remy A-112 (Campus-3, Block-A)
20 Furnace Cole Pamer A-112 (Campus-3, Block-A)
21 Pump Tar son A-112 (Campus-3, Block-A)
22 Dissipater Tar son A-112 (Campus-3, Block-A)
23 Electrochemical Analyser Parastat 4000 Prinectia Applied Research, USA Advanced Chemistry Lab
24 XRF Xstrata 920 Oxford Instruments India ltd. Advanced Chemistry Lab
25 Imersion Cooler Julabo FT902 (230V/50-60Hz) Organic synthesis Lab
26 Weighing Electronic Balance Sartorious
Model (BSA-2245-CW)
Organic synthesis Lab
27 Digital Magnetic Stirrer with Hotplate (3 Nos) Shalom instruments
Model (SLM-HP-MS-101-D
Organic synthesis Lab
28 Digital Magnetic Stirrer with oil bath    (2 Nos) Shalom Instruments
500 ml & 250 ml
Organic synthesis Lab
29 Centrifuge Tarson Organic synthesis Lab
30 High Vacuum Pump True Vac Organic synthesis Lab
31 Rotary Evaporator Heidolph Organic synthesis Lab
32 Digital Magnetic Stirrer Remi Organic synthesis Lab
33 Digital Magnetic  Oil Bath Shalom Instruments Organic synthesis Lab
34 Multi Parameter Water Quality Meter Aquaread, UK Water Analysis Lab
35 GPS Garmin Water Analysis Lab
36 IEA Survey Meter Polimaster Water Analysis Lab
37 Fluorat (U-Analyzer) Alumex Water Analysis Lab
38 Filtration Assembly water Filtration Pump Merck Water Analysis Lab
39 Two Roll Mixing Mill Anant Engg. Work (Punjab) Polymer Processing Lab
40 Compression Molding Press National Equipments (Howrah) Polymer Processing Lab
41 Thermogravimetric Analysis Hitachi FTIR Lab