Joydeb Pal

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Joydeb Pal is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics, School of Applied Sciences, KIIT University. Prior to joining the KIIT University, he was a researcher at National Institute of Technology Durgapur. He has received the doctorate degree in 2020. His field of interset is Algebraic Coding Theory. As a researcher he has published more than 7 papers in well reputed journals.He has received bachelor's and master's degree in Mathematics from University of Calcutta. He was awarded DST-INSPIRE fellowship and has been a member of CRSI.

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1. J. Pal, S. Bhowmick, S. Bagchi, Cyclic codes over  Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing, 60(1) (2019) 749-756.

2. S. Mukherjee, J. Pal, S. Bagchi, On decoding procedures of intertwining codes, Journal of Discrete Mathematical Sciences and Cryptography, 24(4) (2021) 955-964.

3. S. Bhowmick, J. Pal, R. Bandi, S. Bagchi, Self-dual cyclic codes over To appear in “Discussiones Mathematicae - General Algebra and Applications”.