Debdulal Panda

Assistant Professor

An M.Sc ( Applied Mathematics /Calcutta University / 1993) , Dr. D. Panda has done Ph.D in Science in Vidyasagar University(2010). He has published 12 research papers in international journals(5 in Elsevier journals).His areas of current research interests are inventory models in fuzzy and fuzzy-stochastic environments, financial mathematics, transportation problems in fuzzy environment.

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1.D. Panda, M. Mishra, S. Hota, Unbalanced transportation problems with multiple fuzzy goals, Materials Today: Proceedings, Article in press(2020),
2.D. Panda, M. Mishra, Multi stage multi-objective transportation problem under uncertainty environment, International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE), 8(3), 4056-4060(2019).
3.D. Panda, M. Siddique, S. Mohanty, A hybrid forecasting model for prediction of stock value of tata steel using support vector regression and particle swarm optimization, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 119(14),1719-1727(2018).
4.D. Panda, M. Siddique, S. Das, S. K. Mohapatra, A hybrid forecasting model for stock value prediction using soft computing technique, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 117(19), 357-363(2017).
5.D. Panda, M. Rong, M. Maiti, Fuzzy mixture two warehouse inventory model involving fuzzy random variable lead time demand and fuzzy total demand, Central European Journal of Operations Research, 22, 187-209(2014) (Springer).
6.D. Panda, M. Maiti, EOQ model under imprecise space constraint using surprise function via complementary geometric programming, Rev. Bull. Cal. Math. Soc., 19(1) 53-68 (2011).
7.D. Panda, M. Maiti, M. Maiti, Two warehouse inventory models for single-vendor multiple retailers with price and stock dependent demand, Applied Mathematical Modelling, 34 (2010) 3571–3585(Elsevier).
8.D. Panda, M. Maiti, Multi-item inventory models with price dependent demand under flexibility and reliability consideration and imprecise space constraint: a geometric programming approach, Mathematical and Computer Modelling, 49 (2009) 1733-1749(Elsevier).
9.D. Panda, S. Kar, M. Maiti, Multi-item EOQ model with hybrid cost parameters under fuzzy/fuzzy stochastic resource constraints: a geometric programming approach, Computers and Mathematics with Applications 56 (2008) 2970-2985(Elsevier).
10.D. Panda, S. Kar, K. Maity, M. Maiti, A single period inventory model with imperfect production and stochastic demand under chance and imprecise constraints, European Journal of Operational Research,188 (2008)121–139(Elsevier).