Anita Nayak

Assistant Professor

17 years of teaching experience in different engineering colleges and Universities at Odisha. Teaching Mathematics to B.Tech, and M.Sc students. She holds M.SC, M.Phil and Ph.D degree from Utkal University, bhubaneswar in the subject Mathematics. Presently working as a Asst. professor at KIIT University, bhubaneswar.

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[email protected]
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Educational Qualification
M.SC, M.Phil, P.hd

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TMCC Member

Life member of OMS, Indian Science Congress

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Kanya Kiran, Art of Giving,Education for all, Swachhabharat Abhiyan, National Science day etc.
Journals/Conferences :
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Books :
Nayak, A., (2015). An Easy Approach to Mathematical Formulae.
Pp:1-168, 978-81-923567-9-2

Nayak, A., (2015). Advanced engineering Mathematics-III.
Pp: 1-375,978-81-923567-8-5.