Bibhu Prasad Sahoo

Associate Prof.(I)

Dr. Bibhu Prasad Sahoo is currently working as an Associate Professor-I in the department of Chemistry, KIIT Deemed to be University. He is having 9 years of Teaching and 14 years extensive research experience. He obtained his M. Sc. degree in chemistry from Deparment of Chemistry, Sambalpur University, Sambalpur in the year of 2005 and M. Tech. in Plastic Engineering from Central Institute of Plastic Engineering and Technology under the affiliation of Biju Patnaik University of Technology in the year of 2008. He obtained his PhD degree from Rubber Technology Centre, Indian Insitute of Technology, Kharagpur in the year of 2013. He is the recipient of SERB-DST sponsred project under the young scientist Research Scheme in the year of 2016. He aslo bagged a research project from BRNS, DAE from 2015 to 2018. Two of his students obtained their PhD degree under his direct guidance and four are pursuing their degree. He is extensively working of on the development of Conductive polymer Nanocomposites based on carbon based and Metal oxide based nanofillers for Microwave and Solar Cell Applications.

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Polymer Engineering, Dielectric Materials, EMI shielding Materials, Electron beam crosslinked Polymers

1. Development of rubber blend nanocomposites based on Ethylene Acrylic Elastomer and Thermoset Polyurethane through Electron Beam curing for Microwave applications: Effect of Carbon Nanofiller Funded by Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS), Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), India. Budget: Rs 22,16,550/- Role: Principal Investigator Grant Sanction No. 35/14/56/2014-BRNS/226 (Completed) 2. Development of Graphene based Poly (vinylidene fluoride) and Polyaniline Nanocomposites for Dielectric Applications. Funded by Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), Department of Science and Technology (DST), India Budget:Rs 23,11,000/- Role: Principal Investigator File Number: YSS/2015/001462 (Completed)

Administrative Responsibility
Team Leader of Advance Materials

Awards & Honours
Journals/Conferences :
1. Fabrication of thermoplastic polyurethane and polyaniline conductive blend with improved mechanical, thermal and excellent dielectric properties: exploring the effect of ultralow-level loading of SWCNT and temperature, Kalyani Dash, Nanda Kumar Hota & Bibhu Prasad Sahoo, Journal of Materials Science volume 55, pages12568–12591 (2020).
2. Development of Poly (vinylidene fluoride) and Polyaniline blend with high dielectric permittivity, excellent electromagnetic shielding effectiveness and Ultra low optical energy band gap: Effect of ionic liquid and temperature, D.Meher, Suman, N.Karna, B.P.Sahoo, Volume 181, 24 October 2019, 121759
3. Effect of temperature and electron beam irradiation on the dielectric properties and electromagnetic interference shielding effectiveness of ethylene acrylic elastomer/millable polyurethane/SWCNT nanocomposites, N.K.Hota, N.Karna, K.A.Dubey, D.K.Tripathy, B.P.Sahoo, European Polymer Journal
Volume 112, March 2019, Pages 754-765
4. Conductive carbon black-filled ethylene acrylic elastomer vulcanizates: physico-mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties, Bibhu Prasad Sahoo, Kinsuk Naskar & Deba Kumar Tripathy, Journal of Materials Science volume 47, pages2421–2433 (2012),
5. Significant enhancement of dielectric properties of graphene oxide filled polyvinyl alcohol nanocomposites: Effect of ionic liquid and temperature, Ganeswar Sahu,Jasaswini Tripathy,Bibhu Prasad Sahoo, Volume41, Issue10, October 2020, Pages 4411-4430
6. Study of dielectric relaxation behavior of electron beam-cured conductive carbon black-filled ethylene acrylic elastomer, Bibhu Prasad Sahoo, Kinsuk Naskar, K. Abhinav Dubey, Ram N. P. Choudhary & Deba Kumar Tripathy, Journal of Materials Science volume 48, pages702–713 (2013)
7. Exploring the Combined Effect of Electron Beam and Conductive Carbon Black on the Mechanical, Dynamic Mechanical, Thermal, and Electrical Properties of Ethylene Acrylic Elastomer, Bibhu Prasad Sahoo, Kinsuk Naskar, Kumar Abinav Dubey & Deba Kumar Tripathy, Polymer-Plastics Technology and Engineering
Volume 55, 2016 - Issue 15
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9. Exploring the effect of electron beam on swelling, gel fraction, mechanical and thermal properties of ethylene acrylic elastomer/millable polyurethane rubber blends
Nanda Kumar Hota,Namita Karna,Deba Kumar Tripathy,Kumar Abhinav Dubey &Bibhu Prasad Sahoo, Plastics, Rubber and Composites
Macromolecular Engineering
Volume 48, 2019 - Issue 6
10. Exploring the effect of TiO2 and ionic liquid on the dielectric properties of polyurethane and polyaniline blend nanocomposites, Kalyani Dash,Bibhu Prasad Sahoo,

Books :
Electrochemical Applications of Metal-Organic Frameworks ; 9780323907842
Metal Complexes: Industrial and Medical Applications