Advanced Materials Research Group:

The objective of Advanced Materials Research laboratory is to achieve excellence in materials research by combining available resources and expertise, in order to provide solutions to complex technical challenges in materials designs and development of new materials for industrial applications.

Synthetic chemistry research group

Synthetic chemistry research group consists of three faculty members-Dr. Samaresh Jana, Dr. Anita Pati and Dr. Sohini Sarkar. The group deals with the synthesis of a various kinds of compounds starting from inorganic, organic and nano materials etc. Dr. S Jana and Dr. A Pati are pursuing organic synthesis related work and Dr. S Sarkar is working in the field of inorganic chemistry. Please visit the website of individual faculty members for detail information.

Opto-electronics and spectroscopy research group

The opto-electronics and spectroscopy research group is actively engaged in investigating various fundamental and applied aspects of materials related to Energy (such as solar cell, thermoelectrics), Planetary Interior (such as minerals) & human health (such as proteins &  enzymes) using optical spectroscopic & other related methods. Dr. Sutanu Mangal is working to optimise the fifth-generation high efficiency CIGS,CZTS and lead-free environment friendly low-cost tin based solar cells using both simulation and experiments. Particularly, synthesis of lead based and lead-freetin-based perovskite materials, deposition of ZnO, CIGS, CZTS and Perovskite materials on a low-cost substrate,optimization of layers thickness, cell fabrication and testing. Dr. Gopal K. Pradhan investigates the thermal conductivity of low dimensional materials (such as nanowires) for thermoelectric applications using Raman spectroscopy. He also uses spectroscopic & diffraction methods at different thermodynamic (pressure & temperature) conditions to study phase transition in technologically relevant materials as well as minerals related to earth interiors. Dr. Jagnyaseni Tripathy uses fluorescence spectroscopic and microscopic techniques to understand the protein-peptide system. Her focus is developing new material for biological probes and therapeutics besides understanding physiological important small globular protein behavior.

Life Sciences Research group:

Research in the Life Science mainly focuses on interdisciplinary themes encompassing biology, medicine and health. Dr Chandana Mohanty and Dr Sarbari Acharya are working on “Development of nanomedicines which can be implemented for cancer therapy”. Dr Chandana Mohanty has researching on   “Formulations of different smart bandages with sensor technology for wound healing”, Dr Nikita Mahapatra deals with “Different nutrients and its applications in regeneration of tadpole tail”, Dr CH. Vinod is working on “Applications of phytomedicine in treatment of neurodegenerative disorder”, Dr Alok Panda research is focus on
“Development of vaccine and therapeutics using biophysical and proteomics approach”, while Dr Shuvendu Singha is working on “Protein (lectin/glycoprotein) purification, characterization and its biophysical study”.

Undergraduate Chemistry lab

The undergraduate Chemistry Lab in department of Chemistry is equipped with both basic and advanced instrument. The labs are build at par with world class infrastructure and has all the safety features. The undergraduate Chemistry experiments spans over a broad area which ranges from Environmental Chemistry to Spectroscopy. In addition to the lab which is a starting point of many interdisciplinary undergraduate research project.