Alok Ranjan Patnaik

Adjunct Professor

Trained as an astronomer at TIFR, Mumbai, I have later on worked at Jodrell Bank Observatory (UK) and Max-Planck-Institut fuer Radioastronomie (Germany) on supernova remnants, extragalactic radio sources, gravitational lenses. I have also worked in the private sector at Tecsis Corporation in Ottawa, Canada on software engineering, aerospace projects, as well as quick change detection algorithms at University of Waterloo.

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Research Interests
Observational astronomy (gravitational lensing), experimental physics, data analysis.
Journals/Conferences :
Two remarkable bright supernova remnants: P.A.Shaver, C.J.Salter, A.R.Patnaik, J.H.van Gorkom and G.C.Hunt, 1985, Nature, 313, 113.

G18.95-1.1: A shell type supernova remnant with a central object ? A.R.Patnaik, T.Velusamy and V.R.Venugopal, 1988, Nature, 332, 136.

B1422+231: A New Gravitationally Lensed System at z=3.62: A.R.Patnaik, I.W.A.Browne, D.Walsh, F.H.Chaffee and C.B.Foltz, 1992, MNRAS, 259, 1p.

Infrared Observations of the Gravitational Lens System 1422+231: C.R.Lawrence, G.Neugebauer, N.Weir, K.Matthews and A.R.Patnaik, 1992, MNRAS, 259, 5p.

B0218+35.7: a gravitationally lensed system with the smallest separation: A.R.Patnaik, I.W.A.Browne, L.J.King, T.W.B.Muxlow, D.Walsh and P.N.Wilkinson, 1993a, MNRAS, 261, 435.

PMN J1632-0033: A New Gravitationally Lensed Quasar: J.N. Winn, N.D. Morgan, J.N. Hewitt, C.S. Kochanek, J.E. Lovell, A.R. Patnaik, B. Pindor, P.L. Schechter, R.A. Schommer, 2002, AJ, 123, 10.